Yawny Yumpalot
Yawny Yumpalot
is a spirit who is credited with having created the Kookamunga National Park.

Along with creating the Kookamunga, Yawny created The Great Bamzeani, when three fur traders from Ukan Betistan, named Yahank, Shmeaka and Frank, captured him by mistake. They wedgied him until he promised to grant them three wishes, but when they released him he turned them into a totem pole, albeit a communicative one.

In reference to the spirit's fondness for pranks, the residents of Mooseknuckle like to pull practical jokes on each other on a day reserved as "Yawny Yumpalot Day", which bears many similarities to April Fool's Day. After revealing their pranks to their victims, they traditionally shout "You've been yumped!" During Jiggers' major prank in "Yawny Come Lately", he creates a hovering holographic simulation of Yawny Yumpalot, which portrays him as a temperamental, elderly blue ram wielding a shepherd's stick and wearing his underwear on top of his outerwear. Jiggers also portrays Yawny as being upset with the townsfolk for celebrating his prankster nature instead of celebrating his creational work.