Iggy Arbuckle character
Gender Male
Color Reddish-orange
Eye Color Yellow
Hair Color None
Species Fox
First appearance A Whale of a Tale/Big Toe's Faux Paw
Voiced by David Berni

Wingnut, voiced by David Berni, is a fox who is reputed to be crazy. He wears a black vest over a white, puffy-sleeved shirt, and a number of odd ornaments including a monicle and an aviater helmet, and rides around on a bicycle. In "A Whale of a Tale", he designs an airplane that runs on maple syrup; he claims that it has great mileage. He later compliments Iggy about his heading in the Kookamunga Scoop: "Local Pig thinks he sees Unicorn Whale".

Wingnut was seen at the end of "The Case of the Messy Marauder", when Iggy, desperate for another case after solving the titular one, noticed that Wingnut was acting "perfectly normally", and grew suspicious on the grounds that "something is always up when crazy people act normal". He later made an appearance in "Koo Koo Achoo", in which he kept getting the tomato sauce from the toxic tomatoes splashed all over him, to his chagrin. He can also be seen attending the party in "The Great Kookamunga Standoff".