Iggy Arbuckle character
Tomato and Stoke
Tomato and Stoke
Gender Male and Female
Color Brown
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Species Monkey
First appearance Extreme Iggy
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Tomato and Stoke are two teenage monkeys, a boy and a girl, who are fanatics when it comes to Extreme sports. Tomato is female (voiced by Stacey DePass) and Stoke is male (voiced by Noam Zylberman). Stoke's attire is usually yellow and orange, while Tomato's is purple and lilac. They are usually seen waterskiing, snowboarding, etc, and constantly pepper their speech with words like "dude" and "gnarly".

Their most prominent appearance was in "Extreme Iggy", when upon seeing Iggy doing his tricks with the toucans, they and several other background characters immediately delved into the new sport of "Extreme Toucaning". They quickly lost interest in it, though, upon watching the penguins of Brain Freeze surfing through the snow on each other (or "Extreme Penguining"). In "Petition Impossible", Stoke and another male monkey were asked by Iggy to give their signatures. They then rolled him down one of Brain Freeze's mountains in a giant snowball, to speed up his trip back to the mainland of the park.

It's possible that the uncle of Stoke or the other male was seen in "Ol' Trusty", as when Stu is telling a grown-up monkey to get in line-up to buy another "Ol' Trusty", the monkey protests "But I want another Ol' Trusty for my nephew!".