Historical event in Iggy Arbuckle
The Great Kookamunga Lemon-Lime Shortage of 1712
When it happened 1712
Circumstances Shortage of lemons and limes in the Kookamunga. The fruit had to be imported from other places.
Important figures in the event No known important figures.
Important objects in the event The Golden Rind, one of the importing vessels.
Episode/s in which it is mentioned "Voyage to the Bottom of the Lake"

The Great Kookamunga Lemon-Lime Shortage of 1712 is a fictional historical event which took place in the year 1712 in the Kookamunga National Park, a fictional park in the animated children's series Iggy Arbuckle. During this time, many ships would come to the Kookamunga, bringing in large quantities of lemons and limes. The Golden Rind was the name of one of these ships.

The Golden Rind and the 1712 shortage are mentioned and focused on in the episode "Voyage to the Bottom of the Lake", when Iggy and Jiggers discover the carving which adorned the bow of the boat, and Iggy identifies it as belonging to the Golden Rind, which had sunk somewhere in Lake Gottalottawatta. He then reads to Jiggers about the 1712 shortage from their history guide. Meanwhile, Catfish Stu finds out about the ship, but despite reading about its role during the shortage, he believes at first that the "precious cargo" it contained was material goods, rather than citric fruit.