Iggy Arbuckle character
Great Bamzeani
The Great Bamzeani (indv. Yahank, Shmeaka and Frank)
Gender Male (all 3)
Color Various
Eye Color Blue, Black and Green
Hair Color None
Species Yahank: Moose
Frank:Uncertain; possibly some form of rodent
First appearance "Iggy Vs. The Volcano/A Dip in the Pole"
Voiced by Unknown

The Great Bamzeani[1][2][3] is a large, sentient, 200 year-old totem pole that stands in the middle of Mooseknuckle. It used to be three fur traders named Yahank, Shmeaka and Frank[3]; who came from a fictional country called UkanBetistan.[2] In the Kookamunga, they captured the spirit Yawny Yumpalot. Yawny claimed that if they released him, he would grant them three wishes, but upon being released, he cursed them so they would sit on each others' shoulders for all eternity; thereby turning them into a totem pole. They spend their time watching the goings-on in Mooseknuckle, and offering advice to those who ask for it. Though Jiggers disapproves of the Great Bamzeani's advice, citing it as nonsense, Iggy asks them for advice whenever there is a major problem. The Great Bamzeani's answers are interpretive, always coming in the form of riddles that Iggy or others must work out for themselves.

Although they give their advice generously, all three of the figures have displayed arrogant behaviour at times. The one at the top (most likely Yahank) often comments on his apparent "good looks", and they all have said that they're always right.[4]

Major appearancesEdit

  • "How Much Wood Can a Wood Pecker Peck?" - The Great Bamzeani is in danger of being pecked to death by a flock of woodpeckers who have strangely shown up in Mooseknuckle.
  • "Yawny Come Lately" - The story on the three fur traders and how they became a totem pole is given.


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