"The Big Flap/The Unsung Hero" is the twenty-fourth episode of the animated children's series Iggy Arbuckle.

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The Big FlapEdit

Everyone in Mooseknuckle is getting ready for the big monarch butterfly migration that is going right through town. But then Iggy finds out that a huge wind storm is coming the same time as the butterflies and now he must find a way to steer them away from Mosseknuckle or else they will be blown away.

The Unsung HeroEdit

Zoop has always sang to a group of cacti that she has been taking care of for a long time because she believes that singing makes their needles grow faster. But when she gets a sore throat and can't sing at all, she asks Iggy and Jiggers to find a replacement singer for her. They enlist Spiff when they find out by accident that he has a powerful operatic voice, but he only agrees to do it because he needs the cacti needles for his acupuncture treatment.


At, "The Big Flap/The Unsung Hero" has a current user rating of 8.8 out of 10, based on two votes.[1]


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