Iggy Arbuckle character
Sir Percy Nibblemore
Sir Percy Nibblemore
Gender Male
Color Gray
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color None
Species Goat
First appearance "A Whale of a Tale/Big Toe's Faux Paw"
Voiced by Derek McGrath

Sir Percival "Percy" Nibblemore, voiced by Derek McGrath, is an evil British marine biologist. He is a gray goat with brown eyes, and wears a blue wool sweater, dark gray trousers, a blue toque, spectacles and an orange life jacket. In "A Whale of a Tale", he intended on capturing the narwhal Iggy had sighted in Brain Freeze. Iggy and the gang tried to use a tape with a danger warning for the narwhal to leave, but Percy found them out, and successfully stole the tape. He then found the "narwhal", and captured it, but it turned out to be a boat Jiggers had been working on, which he then changed into a submarine to trick Percy. Annoyed, Percy left with his three assistants on that; but was seen again at the party in "The Great Kookamunga Standoff", where he was surprisingly welcomed.