"Resident Weevil/Kook Kook Achoo" is the seventeenth episode of the animated children's series Iggy Arbuckle. It originally aired on September 5th, 2007.


Resident WeevilEdit

A whole bunch of water hyacinths start to spred in Catfish Stu's lake, stealing all of it's oxygen. Iggy hires a group of weevils to get rid of them, but when the weevils finish eating the flowers, they're still hungry and that makes them mad.

Kook Kook AchooEdit

After Jiggers finds out that he might be allergic to sawdust, he tries to find something that will keep his mind off wood.


At, "Resident Weevil/Kook Kook Achoo" has a current user rating of 8.2 out of 10, based on one vote.[1]

Cultural referencesEdit

  • The title "Resident Weevil" is a spoof of the popular video game Resident Evil.


Robear: (Realizing his planting the water hyacinth in Lake Gottalottawatta has made Catfish Stu sick, and potentially damaged the ecosystem of the lake) Oh non! I 'ave created ze tragedy of ze operatic proportions! AAAGGHH!!!

Monty Weevil: Hiya!
Jiggers: Aagh! Who said that?
Monty: (Holding a set) Pick a card, any card.
Jiggers: Ew, ew! How did you get in here?
Monty: The pig let me in, and you're being impolite! Did I scream in disgust when I saw you? No! And trust me, I've seen better looking mammals in my life!


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