"Pandamonium/Ghost of a Chance" is the eighteenth episode of the animated children's series Iggy Arbuckle. It originally aired on September 19th, 2007.



Everyone decides to think of new tourist attractions for the Kook. But Iggy has trouble with it, because every idea he comes up with has already been done by somebody else.

Ghost Of A ChanceEdit

After watching a scary movie, Iggy and Jiggers start to hear spooky noises and see stuff moving by itself and they start to believe that their house is haunted.


At, "Pandamonium/Ghost of a Chance" has a current user rating of 9 out of 10, based on one vote.[1]


Jiggers: Timber chips.
Iggy: Popcorn.
Jiggers: Timber chips. And I'm picking the movie.
Zoop: Guys, this happens every movie night. Can't you come to an understanding?
Jiggers: How? Iggy always picks the movie. And popcorn gets stuck in my teeth.
Catfish Stu: With teeth like that what doesn't?


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