Neil Crone (born May 29, 1960 in Toronto, Ontario) is a Canadian voice actor and comedian who does the voices of Gordon the Big Engine, Splatter and Diesel 10 from the film Thomas and the Magic Railroad. He does Phillip the Concierge in the My Secret Identity episode "Sour Grapes". He has also starred in I Love Mummy, The Red Green Show, the CTV series Power Play and American Psycho 2: All American Girl. He is also known for being a panelist on the Vancouver-based game show The Next Line and was the host of a children's game show called Wild Guess.

Crone is currently playing the role of radio host Fred Tupper on the CBC Television situation comedy series Little Mosque on the Prairie. He also voices Robert on the animated series Iggy Arbuckle and Reverend McRee in Bob and Doug.[1]

Writes regular articles for the Ontario Durham Region's This Week newspaper.





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