Iggy Arbuckle character
Manly Boarman
Manly Boarman
Gender Male
Color Pinkish-white
Eye Color
Hair Color Black
Species Boar
First appearance "Idle Worship/There's Something about Berries"
Voiced by James Rankin

Manly Boarman, voiced by James Rankin, is an Australian boar, famous for his dangerous treks in the wilderness. Iggy Arbuckle has idolized him since childhood, claiming that it was Manly who inspired his love for nature.

In the episode "Idle Worship", Manly arrives in the Kookamunga, it being the "only place he hasn't explored", yet, and Iggy and Jiggers serve as his guides. Manly has lost his touch with nature, though, now being out of shape and more concerned with his public image. Throughout the episode, he suffers constant pestering from a swarm of bees in the paparazzi, and embarrassing situations whenever he becomes involved in a dangerous stunt, such as hangliding towards Mount Kaboom or disturbing the vengeful flamingoes at Mango Tango Beach. At the end of the episode, Manly becomes reconnected to nature, and thanks Iggy and Jiggers for helping him to rediscover his touch.