Mango Tango Beach is a Hawaiin-style beach in the fictional Kookamunga National Park, in the animated TV series Iggy Arbuckle.


Mango Tango Beach is a small beach surrounding an inlet in the sea, and covered with palm trees. It is home to a flock of vicious pink flamingoes.


Mango Tango Beach first appears in the first half of the episode "Idle Worship/There's Something about Berries", when guest character Manly Boarman, a famous explorer adventuring in the Kookamunga with Iggy Arbuckle and Jiggers' assistance, asks for a challenge. Iggy suggests that they try exploring Mango Tango Beach, but upon arriving there, Manly is openly disappointed to see that the "challenge" is a flock of seemingly peaceful flamingoes. At that moment his mother calls him on his cell phone, and the noise of the phone ringing, and Manly's loud chatter provokes the flamingoes, who then trample on him and head for Mooseknuckle. Jiggers carves a fenced trail throughout the town, progressing back to the beach, while Iggy leads the flamingoes through it, riding on the leader's back. A picture of Iggy and Jiggers' riding the back of the flamingo, with Mango Tango Beach in the background, appears on the cover of the fictional Big Pig Magazine at the end of the story.