The Kookamunga

View of the Kookamunga National Park, as though viewed from the sky.

The show takes place in a fictional vast national park known as the "Kookamunga" (The "Kook" for short). It contains many different types of environmental areas and humorously named landmarks, including a swamp called All Agog Bog (or Agog Bog for short), a woodland named the Heebie Jeebies Forest, and Mango Tango Beach, a beach whose design is similar to Hawaiian beaches, and is home to a flock of vicious pink flamingoes. In the desert is a rock formation known as Big Honkin' Boulder, which the characters often use for rock-climbing. There is also a mine called the Mine all Mine, which is supposedly cursed (see below).

The Kook also contains an Iceland, Brain Freeze, at the center of which is the "Norse Pole" (an obvious take on the North Pole. South of Brain Freeze, according to promotional maps of the show, is a volcano called Mount Kaboom, who at times seems to be on the verge of erupting even though the lead character, Iggy Arbuckle, always professes that it's been dormant for centuries. This was the focus of the first half of the series premiere. There is also a benign mountain called Mount Peekaboo. Along with the mountains, there are at least two geysers mentioned; Old Reliable (which is a take on Old Faithful), which is seen in "I Fought the Laundromat", and Geezer Geyser, which has not as of yet been seen in the show, though in "Any Friend of Yours", Iggy mentions that it contains fossils. An interesting note relating to its name is that Scottish people pronounce "geyser" as "geezer".

In "The Beaver Who Would be King", a canyon filled with cobras, known as Hiss Abyss, is featured. Promotional maps seem to imply that it is connected to a canyon called Rattler's Pass, which is home to a flock of blue birds who feed on the juniper berries from the bushes in the canyon.

Directly east of Brain Freeze is a gigantic maze of thorn bushes called the Nasty Gnarl. Below it is a batch of thistles dubbed the Sticklerbush Gulch. Flowing through the Kookamunga, protruding out of the ocean surrounding Brain Freeze, is the River Whoosh, which runs down a waterfall into the Lake Gottalottawatta. Lake Gottalottawatta, being on of the character Catfish Stu's most frequent haunts, is arguably the most featured landmark other than the Wet Wally's Rainforest, in all the series to date.

Most of the goings-on in the stories takes place in a town called Mooseknuckle, which is in the center of the park. The name "Mooseknuckle" might be a parody of the city Moose Jaw, in Saskatchewan.