Iggy Arbuckle: Nature Freak! was a comic strip which appeared in the National Geographic Kids magazine, and which was later adapted into the television series Iggy Arbuckle.

To-date, the only issue of Iggy Arbuckle: Nature Freak! occured in the June 2004 issue of NG Kids, and introduced the characters Iggy Arbuckle, Jiggers, and Zoop. A number of locations which would later be seen in the TV series were also mentioned: Mount Peekaboo, All Agog Bog (referred to as "Agog Bog", and the Heebie Jeebies Forest.

In the issue, Iggy notes that Zoop's birthday is around the first day of summer, and decides to make her an acorn squash pie as a present. He and Jiggers set out to find an acorn with which to make the pie; Iggy has premeditatively selected a place to find one. Although they have to make a dangerous trek to obtain the acorn, they succesfully do so, and are next seen at Zoop's doorstep, Iggy holding the pie and singing "Happy Birthday". Zoop reveals that her birthday was the day before, and slams the pie over Iggy's head before shutting them out. To Iggy's irritation, Jiggers comments "So that's why it's called 'acorn squash pie!'".