David Berni was the voice of the character Jiggers on the animated children's series Iggy Arbuckle.

Awards and nominationsEdit

In 2008, Berni received two Gemini award nominations for Best Individual or Ensemble Performance in an Animated Program or Series. One was shared with Sarah Gadon, Stacey DePass, Emily Hampshire, Jeremy Harris, Peter Keleghan, Scott McCord, and Adrian Truss, for the episode "Hairless the Musical - Part 1" of the animated series Ruby Gloom, in which Berni voiced the character Frank. The other was shared with Jonathan Wilson, for the episode "Idle Worship/There's Something about Berries", of the animated series Iggy Arbuckle, in which Berni voiced the character Jiggers. Both nominations lost, however, to Gordon Tootoosis, Raven Brass, Trevor Cameron, Lorne Cardinal, Taylor Cook, Eric Jackson, Andrea Menard, and DeRic Starlight, for the episode "The Guardians" of Wapos Bay: The Series.[1]



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