Iggy Arbuckle character
Gender Male
Color Tan
Eye Color Black
Hair Color None
Species Beaver
First appearance "Pig-Coloured Glasses/Art for Iggy's Sake
Voiced by Cameron Ansell

Chip, voiced by Cameron Ansell, is Jiggers' nephew. He has brown eyes, and wears a light turquoise shirt and blue overalls with red straps. He also wears a red baseball cap like his uncle's. When he first came to the Kookamunga in "Pig-Coloured Glasses, he idolized Iggy for his bravery and fearless attitude, but after Jiggers saved them both from quicksand, he saw what a great uncle he had. He was seen at the party in "The Great Kookamunga Standoff", though he had no speaking lines. He calls everyone he meets either "uncle" or "auntie".