Iggy Arbuckle character
Catfish Stu
Catfish Stu
Gender Male
Color Yellow
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color None
Species Catfish
First appearance "Iggy Vs. the Volcano/A Dip in the Pole"
Voiced by James Rankin

Catfish Stu (full first name Stuart), voiced by James Rankin, is Iggy's enemy, and the show's main antagonist.


Stu is a unibrowed catfish with brown eyes, a two-part moustache, a goatee, blue-green lips, yellow scales, and sharp teeth. He wears a light-blue jacket, a light-brown shirt, and blue trousers.


Stu owns "Stu's Adventure Camp", a rusting trailer park with few visitors, but is always looking for a way to make a fast buck, usually at everyone else's expense. He has two henchmen, both ferrets, who do most of the work for him. His plans eventually lead to trouble, usually resulting in Stu and his henchmen getting chased or being forced to undo all the damage they did.


Stu is greedy, and bent on becoming a millionaire. He is also self-centred, cynical and egotistical; believing himself to be above everyone else in Mooseknuckle, frequently calling them all "Mooseknuckleheads", and seeing nature as nothing more than a disposable resource to implement his plans. Along with that, he is somewhat of a picky eater, insisting on feeding only on gourmet food, and openly mocking and criticizing Zoop's health-concerned, all-natural-ingredient food products. Despite his upper-class desires, he's apparently cheap as well, as he buys second-hand rowboats, which he keeps locked up in a shed so no one else knows about them. He commonly says "I have a finny feeling" rather than "I have a funny feeling". When he gets a money-making idea, his eyes often roll like slots machines, and turn into dollar signs.


Catfish Stu

Catfish Stu and his stuffed octopus Legsy

Stu has a mother named Stella, who came to the Kookamunga in "The Kindness of Rangers", believing it to be Stu's birthday. He apparently has a younger brother named Stanley, though he has not yet been seen in the series (although a picture of him was shown in the same episode.) All we know of Catfish Stanley is that his zodiac symbol is a pisces, and he is more successful in business than Stu. Stu also owns a stuffed octopus named "Legsy", whom he is very fond of. He always sleeps with Legsy, and tends to go into a mild despair whenever it goes missing.