Catfish Stella

Catfish Stella.

Catfish Stella, voiced by Paul Haddad, is Catfish Stu's mother. She speaks with a Southern drawl, and wears a pink dress which reaches right to the ground, a pink bonnet, and carries a pink fan. She greatly resembles Stu, with the exceptions that her lips are magenta in colour and her eyebrow comes to a point. Stella came to the Kookamunga in "The Kindness of Rangers", because she believed it to be Stu's birthday (though it actually was his younger brother, Stanley's, birthday). She is convinced that Iggy, Jiggers and Zoop are all good friends of Stu's. She doesn't approve of Robear and Robert, believing them to be a bad influence on Stu (even though they are his hired henchmen).

She is apparently very fond of flowers, and ordered her son not to kill off the flower bushes in the forest just to clear room for a golf course. In "The Fish Who Came for Dinner", Stu tells Iggy and Jiggers that he would have stayed at his mother's house while the crane family hatched its eggs, but her karate group got there first. She is the opposite of her son in most respects: polite, friendly and kind-hearted, though not above using emotional trickery to get what she wants.