Barry Bullevardo

Barry Bullevardo

Barry Bullevardo
, voiced by Juan Chioran, is a Spanish or Mexican bull, who not only directs, but produces and stars in his movies. He wears a red beret, a gold chain with a gold ornament around his neck, a gold ring in his nose, and a light beige suit.

Role in the seriesEdit

Barry is currently the only minor or guest character in the show to have had two major appearances. In "Lights, Camera! Distraction!", he tried to produce a movie in the Kookamunga, though Iggy had to explain to him that his filming set-ups were going to harm the wildlife and their natural habitats. Later, in "Nature's Calling", he returned to the Kookamunga; this time to get restored by nature. Catfish Stu, however, tried to get him involved with creating a "natural" health spa, complete with electric palm trees, a giant telephone made entirely of rock, a volcano that spews out fireworks, and a geyser which erupts iced tea. However, Barry thought about it, and decided that wasn't what he came to the Kook for, and left Stu to deal with it alone. He then, after hearing a story about Big Toe, left the Kookamunga to produce a movie about the legendary creature.

He later made a silent appearance at the party in "The Great Kookamunga Standoff".


Barry appears to be optimistic and amiable, and typically calls his acquaintances "amigo", "muchacho" or "muchachito". He gets emotional to the point of crying, whenever he hears a deragatory comment or slur directed at bulls (e.g., "You're like a bull in a china shop!") or when someone tells him off. Similarly to Catfish Stu, he seems motivated by money, and jumps at every movie making opportunity he discovers. He doesn't know very much about nature, as revealed in "Nature's Calling", since he cannot name flowers, wonders why they aren't plastic instead, and cannot name animals or birds either. Barry either is or has been married, as one of the things he puts Jiggers in charge with, after hiring him as a footman, is his mother-in-law.