"A Whale of a Tale/Big Toe's Faux Paw" is the eleventh episode of the animated children's series Iggy Arbuckle.


A Whale of a TaleEdit

Iggy is photographing the wildlife in Brain Freeze, when he sights a narwhal. As a narwhal has never been recorded coming as far north as Brainfreeze, he excitedly heads for Mooseknuckle, to inform Spiff of the encounter so he may write an article about it in the Kookamunga Scoop. Iggy, Spiff, Zoop, Kira and Jiggers return to Brainfreeze to catch another glimpse of the narwhal, but it has disappeared. After Jiggers points out that Iggy's snout would twitch if he were making the encounter up, Spiff believes Iggy imagined the narwhal's presence in delirium, and publishes this story instead. Soon after, a marine biologist named Sir Percy Nibblemore arrives with his team of biologists, and expresses belief and interest in Iggy's story. Iggy volunteers to show him where he sighted the narwhal, but finds out upon doing so that Sir Percy intends to capture the narwhal for anlaysis in captivity. Enraged, Iggy recruits the others to help him stop Sir Percy, although Jiggers uncharacteristically refuses to help in favour of finishing a boat he's been working on. Iggy and the others try to use a tape recorder playing a narwhal song informing of danger to ward the narwhal away from the waters of Brainfreeze, but Sir Percy grows wise to their efforts and he and his cohorts chase the main characters around Brainfreeze, until finally Sir Percy gets ahold of the recorder. He then hears the narwhal close at hand, and although Iggy tries once more to stop him, he manages to ensnare the animal, and the main characters watch helplessly as the biologists haul it ashore. To everyone's astonishment, it turns out to be a submarine built to resemble a narwhal, which Jiggers had created in place of his original boat. Defeated, Sir Percy and his cohorts leave, and Jiggers takes the others on a ride around Brainfreeze in the boat, while they explain to Iggy the various ways he expresses his moods through body language.

Big Toe's Faux PawEdit

Jiggers is excited about a Yak-Cheesecake Zoop had promised to make, but as he and Iggy head to her store, they take notice of Catfish Stu leading a group of tourists to observe the legendary "Big Toe". Iggy and Jiggers meet up with Zoop, who shows them a footprint in her garden, said to have been made by the creature, and which led to this sudden influx of Big Toe-crazed tourists. Iggy and Jiggers quarrel over the creature's existence, with Jiggers believing and Iggy not, until Zoop suggests they agree to disagree. Jiggers then remembers the cake, but Zoop apologetically explains that it had gone missing.